Up Your Game!

Make your golf tournament even more exciting by offering a fully insured Hole in One prize.

With limits up to $100,000 and the option of Prize Reinstatement, Hole in One insurance is a great way to build excitement and promote your business or event.

Prices start as low as $100 and you have the option to add Prize Reinstatement which means that if the Hole in One is won, the prize will be reinstated for a second opportunity for the remaining golfers who have not yet attempted the hole.

Eligibility Requirements

  • All shots shall be made in the regular round(s) of play in the Covered Tournament, by an official Participant, with no practice shots permitted
  • One Tournament Official shall be stationed and monitoring play at each of the Selected Holes at all times during the Covered Tournament
  • The Covered tournament shall be played in groups of three or more players – no twosomes allowed

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