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To take advantage of this exclusive tournament boat insurance program, you must be a current member (individual or family) of Waterski & Wakeboard British Columbia or Alberta.

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Members only!

Waterski & Wakeboard tournament boat insurance program is being offered at substantially reduced rates. The policy details are below.

An individual membership with WSWBC or WSWA costs $40. With this membership, you are automatically enrolled as a member of Waterski & Wakeboard Canada, the sole national sport governing body and recognized Waterski & Wakeboard authority in Canada. With this national membership, WSWBC & WSWA automatically provides you with a $5M individual liability policy, free of charge.

On its own, your membership is a tremendous 2-in-1 membership value that supports the Waterski & Wakeboard community. Add to that value, a liability policy that protects you, your family, and your tournament boat and it adds up to a carefree summer of fun on the water!

For WSWBC & WSWA members only:
RECEIVE $80 OFF a Waterski & Wakeboard Tournament Boat Insurance Policy.

Policy Highlights:

  • All Risk Coverage based on pre-determined hull value
  • $2 Million liability coverage, which includes full limits for participation in towed water sports
  • Coverage for underinsured and uninsured boaters included
  • The policy covers permission to use the boat for WSWBC, WSWA & WSWC and affiliate club clinics and tournaments
  • Coverage extends to boat usage in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and US states of Washington, Idaho and Montana
  • PLUS… a money-saving discount of 10% on Homeowners Insurance (a substantial savings opportunity for WSWBC members and those from affiliate Waterski & Wakeboard clubs in BC and Alberta)

***To qualify for coverage, the insured tournament boat must be suitable for towed water sports

This program has been specifically designed to ease the concerns of Waterski & Wakeboard clubs in BC and Alberta to ensure that membership numbers are viable and that paying club members are offered insurance coverage that is accessible, affordable, and comprehensive. Since this extensive insurance policy is offered at a reduced premium to members of WSWBC & WSWA – a discount that covers the cost of a family membership – it presents an opportunity for more families to participate in Waterski & Wakeboard tournament sports.

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