Did you know that motorcycle accidents result in three times more injuries, six times more medical costs, and five times as many deaths as auto collisions? With the number of motorcyclists on the road steadily on the rise, these figures become even more concerning.

We know you just want to get out and explore those crossroads, but remember that riding a motorcycle requires enhanced focus, refined skills, and steady control. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the essentials for staying safe out there. Then you can sit back, relax, and feel that wind in your helmet.

Before you set out, the first thing you should do is invest in a professional training course. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, these courses are designed to sharpen your skills and educate you on the latest techniques. Not only will this keep you current but you’ll also enjoy reduced insurance premiums as a result.

Off the road, make sure you have your bike on a regular maintenance schedule with an experienced mechanic. Regular maintenance includes oil changes, battery checks, tire inspections and rotations, brake checks, fluid top-ups, filter changes, and control checks. We also highly recommend you assess your bike yourself before each and every ride. There are many resources on motorcycle safety at your fingertips.

As you’re getting ready to go out, remember to dress for the fall, not the ride. It’s natural to want to look your best out there, but safety first. Proper gear includes an approved safety helmet, eye protection, and a jacket, pants, boots, and gloves specifically designed for motorcycles. We suggest wearing bright colours to make you more visible to other motorists and road users.

Once you’re on the road, it’s important to stay focused and pay attention to your surroundings. While you’re riding, you should be doing the following:

  • keeping your eyes moving and performing frequent shoulder checks;
  • watching the surface of the road for obstacles;
  • avoiding hazardous terrain like mud, gravel, oil, water, and wet leaves;
  • leaving an appropriate amount of space between you and the vehicle in front of you;
  • using throttle, and brakes gently, particularly in poor weather conditions;
  • looking at traffic coming from every direction before entering an intersection; and
  • being especially mindful of left turns

A few more things to keep in mind before you get started, are posted speed limits, communication with other drivers, and worst-case scenario procedures.

As the speed limit increases, the gap you leave between your motorcycle and other vehicles should get bigger. This will give you ample time and space to react when fellow motorists make unexpected stops or lane changes.

Making eye contact with other drivers is especially important while operating a motorcycle. This communicates clearly that you see them and they see you. It also gives you both a chance to signal any upcoming changes in behaviour.

Finally, you should always be prepared for the worst, even in the best of conditions. Keep your eyes peeled for hazards at all times and always have an exit strategy in mind. In the event that you do experience a collision, having the right insurance in place is a must.

Waypoint XRoads Motorcycle Insurance to Cover Your Assets

Our XRoads insurance policy is named after the roads you explore when you’re seeking adventure and looking for freedom, just like you are when you’re out on your motorcycle.

Choosing a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy is critical to protecting you and your bike should a collision occur. Basic motorcycle insurance covers third-party liability, accident benefits, and uninsured automobiles, but in many cases, this isn’t enough.

With a Waypoint XRoads motorcycle insurance policy, you’ll enjoy all the basics and a whole lot more. The benefits of insuring your motorcycle with Waypoint include discounts for multiple motorcycles, replacement cost on new motorcycles, accident forgiveness (one loss every three years), coverage for riding gear up to $2,000, travel protection, coverage for emergency roadside expenses, lock rekeying up to $1,000 per year, and coverage for loss of use by theft.

Factors that will be considered in determining your premiums are your age, riding experience, and what type of motorcycle you own. Keep your motorcycle premiums down by following the safety tips above and maintaining a clean driving record. You can also reduce premiums by taking a professional training course, joining an approved riders’ club, and installing a security device in your motorcycle.

We want to be there for you! Get in touch with a member of our dedicated team today by calling 1-866-674-2816 or purchase your XRoads insurance at the click of a button. We look forward to getting you set up with the perfect policy so you can get out and enjoy the ride.

For more information on how to stay safe while you’re out on your bike, see BC’s motorcycle safety handbook.