Forest fires are a recurring challenge in British Columbia, with over 1,600 fires reported annually. While fires have ecological benefits, as climate change intensifies, the risk of forest fires increases and can be harmful to many. It’s crucial to be prepared for potential fires. Below are key steps to take:

Before a Forest Fire

  1. Create an emergency plan using PreparedBC’s form (download here).
  2. Make copies of the plan for your home, vehicles, and grab-and-go bags.
  3. Pack essentials like food, water, chargers, radios, first aid kits, and more.
  4. Update the plan annually, keep devices charged, and establish family contact lists.
  5. Maintain at least half a gas tank and consider a digital meeting place.

Insure Against Forest Fires with Waypoint

Insurance providers require that all homes and belongings are insured prior to the start of a forest fire, so don’t delay. Come on in to your local branch to get insured today. If you are unsure if you have insurance against forest fires, your Waypoint Insurance agent will be happy to review your policy with you.

During a Forest Fire

  1. Monitor the BC forest fire maps for fire status.
  2. Comply with evacuation orders from local authorities.
  3. Turn off natural gas only in case of a leak, leaving it to the professionals.
  4. Reduce exposure to smoke by minimizing outdoor activity and seeking filtered air indoors.
  5. Seek support for wildfire stress from family, friends, or professionals.

After a Forest Fire

Be sure to take care of your physical and mental well-being. During this time, it’s important to seek support from loved ones, professionals, or community resources if you’re struggling with wildfire stress.

After a forest fire, wait for officials to declare it safe before returning home. Once you’ve returned, contact Waypoint Insurance by giving us a call to initiate your home damage claim and experience a hassle-free process.