Renewing your auto insurance is an annual activity

In case you didn’t know, the team at Waypoint is well equipped with many options for your coverage.


What’s new when you renew your vehicle insurance?

You’ll be asked to list anyone who drives your car such as household members, employees and learners.  If one of the listed drivers causes a crash in your car, the at-fault driver will be held accountable for the crash.

When you go to Waypoint to renew your auto insurance, please bring:

  • The driver’s license number and date of birth for each driver you want to list on your policy
  • A photo of your current odometer reading if your car is driven less than 5,000 km in a year
  • To check your ownership manual, or with your dealership, to see if your vehicle has factory-installed autonomous emergency braking (AEB). Vehicles equipped with AEB will be eligible for a discount.

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