If you think you may need to make a claim it means things aren’t going so well for you. We strive to make the claims process as easy as possible so you can get back to more enjoyable things. Here are some guidelines on how to proceed and who to contact if you want to discuss making a claim:

Non Emergency

Call your branch office directly, or any one of our offices, and speak to a Waypoint team member about your claim. Reach us at 866-674-2816 and press #5.

They will be there to provide you with information that will help you decide to place a claim or not, how a claim will impact your insurance policy and what to expect in the claims process.

In most cases they will record your claims details and have an adjuster assigned to your account.

Emergency or After Hours Claims

If you have a claims emergency, please contact our Waypoint Claims Team at 1-877-506-5656. If your call is received outside of usual business hours, our answering service will collect your contact details and an adjuster will call you as soon as possible

ICBC Claims

While we can assist you with understanding the claims process, ICBC will require that you submit any claim directly to their claims line.

Please call ICBC at 1-800-910-4222 or visit them online at icbc.com


On November 18, 2016 I received a call from my husband with the worst possible news.  Our house was on fire.  As I drove home, I could see black smoke from miles away and my heart stopped.  I knew our lives had changed forever.  Instinctively, I called our insurance agent, Heather Batchelor of Waypoint Insurance and without hesitation, she met us on scene.  She started our claim straight away and we met our claim adjuster, Mark Withenshaw of Coast Claims the very next day.  Having Heather’s presence and support on that terrible day is something we will never forget.  Rebuilding our lives seemed an impossible process.  Heather and Waypoint Insurance gave us the peace of mind and confidence we so desperately needed.  They also gave us hope.

Words cannot describe the gratitude we feel for Heather and her team at Waypoint.  We are life long clients!

The Barber's

We unfortunately had our climbing gear stolen from our vehicle. This is a highly stressful thing to happen. Luckily we had tenants insurance with Waypoint. We made the claim and I informed David we had a climbing trip booked 6 weeks from then, We were quickly contacted by an adjuster and although she could take some time to respond to ongoing back and forths. David was always there to speed the process along.

We received the replacement cheques in time for our trip and I have to say it was reasonably painless. The service provided by Waypoint was fantastic and I highly recommend them as insurance brokers.

Ben Francis

Hal and I wish to thank you and anyone else from Waypoint Insurance for helping us negotiate the rough waters of 2019-2020 after the devastating fire that took our home from us. I never got to meet Kim but she made it very clear to me more than once that she was there for me no matter what I needed. Just knowing that I had a number to call somehow was soothing.

Josh was a lifeline in so many ways…ways I am sure that he didn’t know would go hand in hand with his job. You were a piece of stability in our final meeting and certainly seemed to understand what we had been going through.

I hope that this letter has conveyed how I truly feel…very very grateful!

Thank you…

Cindy Reveley