CAIN and Waypoint Insurance

The Canadian Association for Integrative Nutrition and the Canadian Health Coach Alliance have teamed up with Waypoint Insurance to provide custom tailored liability insurance solutions to meet the needs specific to Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioners and/or Registered Nutritional Practitioners.
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Why choose this plan?

We value your holistic approach to life and feel we can compliment this by providing you with best-in-class coverage to meet your unique needs. We want to be part of your tribe, giving you the peace of mind of knowing you have excellent insurance coverage in place, so you can focus on growing a meaningful, heart centered business.

What’s included?

  • Mandatory Professional Liability with options for $1,000,000, $2,000,000 or $5,000,000 coverage;
  • Optional Commercial General Liability with options for $1,000,000, $2,000,000, $3,000,000 or $5,000,000 limits;
  • Access to our monthly Wellness Newsletter – feel free to share it with your clients;
  • Unlimited access to Legal Advice Service;
  • 1st Party Privacy Breach Expense Coverage ($50,000 limit)
  • 3rd Party Privacy Breach Liability Coverage ($50,000 limit)
  • Voluntary Medical Payments ($10,000 per person) Liability Option under Commercial General Liability
  • Patient Therapy and Counselling coverage up to $10,000 per member
  • Meal Plan Preparation now an included service
  • Additional Coverage available for  services including Licensed Aromatherapy (not product sales), Licensed Hypnotherapy, Qualified Yoga/Pilates/Stretching/Meditation Instruction, Business Consultation (e.g., specialists in LinkedIn leads/sales generation), and Massage Therapy.

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