Waypoint Insurance was founded on Vancouver Island over 150 years ago and has grown to become one of the largest insurance brokerages in British Columbia. Waypoint has over 20 locations across Vancouver Island and throughout the Lower Mainland to support all your insurance needs. While we continue to grow, community continues to be at the heart of our organization. Over the last ten years, Waypoint has donated more than half-a-million dollars to over 100 community initiatives.

In 2019, Waypoint joined the Navacord group of brokerages. Navacord is a leading insurance and risk management brokerage firm dedicated to providing expert solutions to customers across Canada. With more than 2,500 employees, Navacord is Canada’s third-largest commercial insurance brokerage.

In this blog, we sat down with Jennifer Adams, VP of Commercial Lines, Waypoint Insurance to learn more about business insurance and how to start a quote.

General Commercial Programs

At Waypoint, we see ourselves as one of your team members, and we work to provide you with value, protection, and confidence so you can spend your time doing what you love—growing your business. Our team delivers custom insurance solutions and risk management services to commercial clients across Canada with a specific focus on Western Canadian industries. From small retail to large-scale manufacturing, Waypoint has an insurance specialist that can help.

Waypoint has a number of programs for specific business sectors across British Columbia. One of the largest, most successful programs is our Strata Corporation Program. We have over 1,000 strata clients across BC whereby we offer in-house insurance coverage and risk management advice specific to this sector. We mostly focus on townhomes, patio homes, strata duplexes, and low-rise complexes.

Waypoint currently has programs for Dealerships, Hospitality, Marine Charters, Marinas, Construction Projects, and Contracts specific to the Navacord Group of brokers, as well as, in-house solutions for not-for-profit organizations, cyber liability, architects, and engineers.  Other areas we focus on are manufacturing and distribution, various kinds of real estate, and construction including commercial, residential, and institutional builds.

At Waypoint, our Venture Division focuses on small businesses to ensure a quick turnaround on quotes and service requests.

Reducing Risk

In addition to insurance, Waypoint Insurance offers full risk control and risk guidance, providing our clients with the tools and information necessary to reduce exposure to their business. We have dedicated insurance professionals with knowledge and expertise in specific industry sectors who can educate and advise our clients in risk and insurance every step of the way.

How to Get in Touch with Waypoint

If you are interested in learning more about Waypoint or the services we offer, simply visit our Waypoint website, navigate to the Business tab, and click “Start a Quote.” Fill in your details and hit “Submit”. One of our advisors will get back to you within two hours (during business hours).

Behind the scenes, we align our business client requests with an account executive who can most appropriately address the risks you are facing.

What Does Obtaining a Quote Entail?

Essentially you will work with one of our insurance experts who will ask you a number of questions regarding your business and its operations. In addition, we will do a full risk review of your current coverage to assess any potential gaps and recommend steps available to you to rectify these issues immediately.

When providing detail about your business, the more the better. Often clients are reluctant to provide detailed information for fear of exposing too much, but it really improves our chances in the insurance marketplace in obtaining competitive terms. Our insurer partners will be able to assess your risk more accurately and, in turn, become comfortable with the exposures that your business may face. Ultimately, this equates to more competitive terms because the more markets that quote mean more bargaining power for you. In our experience at Waypoint, detailed information has enabled us to quote on risks that other brokerages were declined by the same markets.

After we’ve marketed your policy, we then assess all the quotes to determine which carrier is offering the most competitive terms for the coverage requested.

This is when our negotiations begin. Once completed, we do a full comparison between your current offering and our proposed offering, allowing you to clearly understand what you are being offered by us.

Get in Touch

If you like what you’re reading and want to get started with a general commercial policy, either apply online or call to book an appointment with a local Waypoint advisor today. We’re located across British Columbia, with offices throughout Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. Some of our commercial employees reach as far as Edmonton.

Get in touch with us today to get us started working for you!