Online ICBC Autoplan Renewal:

Some ICBC Autoplan policies will not be eligible for online renewals.

Is your policy due for renewal in 44 days or less?

Am I eligible?

You cannot renew your policy online if:

  • It’s for a jointly owned vehicle
  • It’s for a leased vehicle
  • It’s for a company-owned vehicle
  • It’s for a motorcycle
  • It’s for a collector vehicle
  • It’s a commercial policy
  • It’s expired
  • You want to add, remove or change your ICBC optional coverages during the renewal

  • You have outstanding debt owed to ICBC

Can you renew online?

Great you are eligible – Now what?

  1. Log into your account using your BC Service Card.
  2. Update your contact information and email.
  3. You will be asked to Select Waypoint Insurance as your broker of choice.
  4. Confirm your policy details and pay for your policy.
  5. Print off your documents or request ICBC to mail them to you.
  6. Your renewal is complete, now Waypoint Insurance is required to review your online renewal to make sure you do not have any missing coverages. If you do, one of our agents will be in contact with you.

What selecting a broker will look like:

The ICBC system is offline 12 a.m.–5 a.m. for daily system maintenance and processing.