BC health officials announced last week that the province has officially entered into Step 2 of its COVID restart plan. This means travel throughout our beautiful province is now permitted. Are you ready to get back outside? We know we are. All of us here at Waypoint can’t wait to explore the great outdoors with friends again, and we want to make sure you make the most of it too! To help you get inspired, we’ve put together a few ideas for you to get out and enjoy the beautiful BC sunshine this summer.

#1 – Hiking (or Walking) Trails

Our province is full of hiking opportunities, from the West Coast Trail to the Rocky Mountains. Explore the depths of the ancient forests or navigate the sandy coastline. If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, many trails provide options with less of an incline so you can saunter along at your own pace. You’ll also find more trails are becoming wheelchair accessible. Check in with your local park or alltrails.com to find an option for you.

#2 – Ocean Explorations

Whether you want to stay on the surface or dive in, the great Pacific is ripe for exploring. Hop in your kayak or canoe, grab your surfboard, or put on your scuba gear and see what you can find under the sea. If you want to stay on the seaside, bring a bucket and search for crabs and shells on the beach. If you want to go further, consider chartering one of our awesome whale watching tours to spot some of our magnificent ocean beasts. If boating is your thing, there are many places to explore! Talk to your broker today about the right coverage for your boat and/or trailer.

#3 – Gardening

It’s that time of year again. The flowers are blooming and the berries are ripening! Edible gardens are all the rage again this year. Have you decided what you’re planting? If you’re getting on board with organic veggies, we would love to see photos of your prizewinning peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Let us in on some of your green thumb secrets to success too, send your photos to info@waypoint.ca.

#4 – Biking

Have you noticed the narrow, winding trails that delve deep into the magic of your local forests? Those are dirt biking trails, and we bet you’ll have a blast navigating your way through them. However, if that’s a level up from your comfort zone, you can try biking a walking trail first or just get out and wheel around your neighborhood. Ebikes are very popular right now and are a fantastic way to get some exercise and have a little push up your local hills (don’t forget to talk to your broker about keeping your ebike protected). Have you always wanted to bike to work? More bike lanes are being installed all the time so you can feel safer making the commute.

#5 – Wine (or Food) Tours

Experience all the flavors of BC agriculture with a local wine or food tour. Many of these tours come with a scenic view and live music to immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. Recruit a group of friends and make it a day to remember. With hundreds of options to choose from, you’re sure to find one to highlight your summer this year.

#6 – Local Markets

Outdoor markets are popping up all over BC. Support your local artisans and enjoy some fabulous finds by visiting your local outdoor market. You’ll find everything from baked goods and fresh cuisine to handmade soap and garments. These markets typically take place on the weekends, but some even pop up during the week and in the evenings. Talk to your local Chamber of Commerce to find out when the next outdoor market is scheduled to take place near you.

#7 – Craft Breweries

If wine isn’t your style, why not check out a local craft brewery? Craft breweries are a great place to take your friends to catch up with some laughs. Enjoy ale like you’ve never experienced, on tap and made with local ingredients. Just remember to drink responsibly.

#8 – Golfing

BC is home to hundreds of gorgeous golf courses. Acres upon acres of blossoming gardens, open fields, and lush ponds are at your disposal. We challenge you to see if you can beat your low score. Grab a cart and go for a trek through 18 holes. If that’s too much for you, a mini golf course is never too far.

#9 – Camping

Pack up your tent or trailer and find a spot to call home for a couple of nights. The BC camping options are endless. See if you can stay at a different campsite every weekend this summer. Take it to the next level and camp in a new town every weekend too. You never know what you’ll discover. Buy your travel trailer insurance quickly and easily with Waypoint and don’t forget to clean up after yourself to keep our province beautiful!

#10 – Air Shows

Out comes the sun, out come the planes! Keep your eyes to the sky to catch the air shows this summer. You can watch from a designated field or from your own backyard. Witness your local air authorities strut their stuff way up high with twists, turns, and jet trails galore. The kids will love it too.

Whatever you do, just get outside! We’d love to hear about your summer adventures. As always, if you need insurance for the ride, we’ve got you covered. Until then, happy trails!